heart attack in a bowl

My dad makes the best chip dip.

Today, I made it myself.

The recipe has been in our family for generations.

1 brick Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 Jar Kraft Roka Blue Cheese Food
1 Clove Garlic
1/8 cup skim milk, adjust as necessary
1 small tin sliced black olives

How to:
1. Blend the milk and the cream cheese in a bowl with a mixer on high until creamy.
2. Add Roka Blue Cheese Food, blend until creamy
3. Crush the garlic with a press, add to cheese mix, blend.
4. Add the tin of olives, blend
5. Move to a smaller container, let sit for two hours.
6. Enjoy with hearty potato chips. The dip is heavy, you need tough chips. I like Ruffles the best for pure chip dip pleasure. The flavored fancy ones are too much with this pungent dip.

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