this is getting silly

i have decided to abstain from the internet, in the form of reading other people’s blogs and myspace and celebrity gossip pages for the next week.

i don’t know if i can do it. but i am feeling kind of weird about looking at people’s blogs, then checking the link to his/her myspace, then going back to the blog and putting a face with a name. it is just freaking me out too much. it’s not the same for people whose number i have in my phone.

one person in particular has appeared in my dreams 2X in the past week! i’ve never met the person, seen him on the street- now i know where he works and i just feel a little awkward about it. a few of my friends find this fellow to be dashing, i think he’s a little greasy (aforementioned non-affinity for early 90s grunge types discussed in previous entries) it’s not sexual, but it’s completely voyeuristic. and making me feel a little, well a lot C-R-E-E-P-Y. does anyone else have this problem, fair readers? all 3 of you?

i fear my life becoming completely virtual if i don’t get a hold on it quickly. today i was obsessively checking the weather and then did the same thing while i was doing homework. i spend at total of 15 minutes, if that, outside. recently i’ve also been checking the traffic. i don’t even drive. ever, haven’t since 2003. yeah, maybe i should get that license renewed, but global warming and insurance. you know.

it’s so easy. i’m doing work. i check a blog when i need a break. IF i just finished my work, then i wouldn’t spend so much time on the stupid internet and i would actually make all the things i’ve been talking about making. and i would get done with my work faster.

what, ellen, you ask me? isn’t that part of the fun of blogs? of the world wide web?

i don’t know, but it’s just making me feel wonky.

so. no more myspace til next tuesday. no more dlisted or perez hilton or no more reading blogs of people i recognize who live mere blocks from me.

only the nytimes and this blog which i will write in and gmail.

an experiment. how exciting!

in other news, i made an unsuccessful peach cobbler tonight, which i tried to make gluten free and failed miserably at.

then i ate some chips. i’ve recently acquired a newly svelte figure, i think mostly due to my consumption of corn tortilla chips in the place of meals. i can’t help that tostitos queso dip is so fucking delicious. it’s not on purpose. and it could get gross. i could end up an emaciated internet addict who exists solely on chips and obsessively checks the weather but never goes outside and never eats a good meal.

this is me, being insane on the internet.

gotta go to sleep now, but that 12 hours from saturday is really catching up with me, as is the coffee i had a 5 pm.

to bed.

to useful use of my time and a brief hiatus from the soap opera of other people’s lives.



2 thoughts on “this is getting silly

  1. Ha! The perfect entry to read this morning (see? I bet you didn’t know you had a 4th reader, albeit a once-in-a-while sketchy kind of reader). So, perhaps I’ll join you. But instead of volunteering, maybe I’ll read about Helen Keller, or make some Thai food. But I don’t check your myspace afterwards, so feel safe.

  2. it is when people write things like this that you can feel better about your own personal stalking habits. don’t feel too bad. see, i was going to say i’d join you on the myspace thing but i largely use that now to check up on my little sister. creepy? probably.

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