almost like surreal, but not weird. just really really real!

yesterday natalie met up with me after work. she brought me a caramel and we went and sat outside at the happy village and caught up. she successfully distracted me from the work i desperately need to to. oh well, it’ll get done.

then we went to leigh and michael’s house for a (sort of) impromptu bbq. the conversation veered into topics previously undiscussed, like gun control and personal experiences with guns. i generally enjoy target sports such as archery and when i was a camp counselor i was in charge of target sports one summer, so the riflery range was included in that responsibility. keeping in mind that this is in Indiana, which doesnt have the most stellar reputation when it comes to, uh anything (which is stupid- Indiana is a great state with lots of smart interesting people and things to do) I don’t know if the camp I worked at still has riflery classes but I imagine it doesn’t. Well, I just checked the website and it’s still offered as a clinic. Huh. It’s an interesting thing to think about. It freaks me out to think of people on the train with concealed weapons, but I think shooting a Coke can is pretty fun. It’s actually a lot like bowling. I also believe that guns are really bad, and understand that they are not always used for fun things like target sports at a summer camp. I mean, generally they are not used for things like target sports. This is such an American concern! Guns are bad! Stick with bows and arrow!

I just found a link to the Lincoln Park Archery Club. Now I am thinking of joining.


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