my block

pros and cons.

you want the bad news first right? (doesn’t it always seem that bad news is always way heavier/ more important than the good news? like when your mom asked you this question, and you said bad news first, and then she told you that your dog died, but she got you some new socks) not true in this blog entry, my friend.

so, cons.
1. on sunday morning i woke up after a night of bachleorette party-ing and loft/ back porch jumping, later than usual. haven’t slept past 9 in a good long while. i went downstairs to go to cozy corner for some morning-ish meal and saw a real live crime scene in front of the citibank, replete with blood filled syringes and police tape, as well as a bent electrical pole and lots of glass. and the seat from a car, not a child’s car seat, a real live seat of a car.
2. tonight, after arriving home and sitting in my living room, listening to the conversation of two police officers over too close two-way radios, talking about back up and support and shitty funding.
3. my newly loud neighbors. they are always fighting on the sidewalk. loudly, accusing each other of terrible things. and then later in the night they do the same thing on the back porch. i want to tell her it’s ok if she leaves. there are no kids as far as i can tell, and they seem to despise each other.

1. some of my favorite friends now live an 8 minute bike ride away, after 3 years of 45 minute/hour train rides or $20 cab bills. huzzah!
2. cozy corner
3. my old man neighbor who doesn’t speak english and calls me chica bonita and offers me cold cans of bud light no matter what time it is.


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