oh my blog

well it’s 2008. last week was fun that weird week between christmas and new years. it always feels nearly imaginary. and now it’s a new year, at least by my calendar.

on friday sarah and i had a dismal meal at azucar, a tapas restaurant in logan square. i don’t want to knock independently owned businesses, so i won’t, but let’s just say the meal steered sarah and me away from ever really wanting to cook or eat spanish food again. whoops, knocking.

the evening, did however provide for a lot of hilarious photo opportunities, most notably


on friday gerard and i had a lincoln park adventure!

followed by a styling session for ms. jodie mack.

it was snowing on new years

tony played the piano until 6 in the mornin’ (or 4)

more soon. new years resolution is to find an actual focus for said blog. (eg, this one)


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