nytimes update

This is a cheap blog entry, but I am excited to try these recipes, and again using the permalink function from the NYTIMES.

Beets in Horseradish Cream— I love beets with the tartness of a good goat cheese. I imagine that the horseradish cream will be an interesting yet familiar taste. I can’t wait to try it!

Walnut Pesto Crostini: I’m not necessarily interested in putting pesto on top of toast, but I am interested in all variations of pesto, hopefully this one proves to be delicious.

Worth noting, on a major lemon curd kick right now. I believe it started with a $2.99 investment at Trader Joe’s (which my roommate’s boyfriend also seems to have discovered) and shows no sign of stopping. I’m going to make lemon curd this weekend, and experiment with other citrus fruits in the near future. If you’ve never had lemon curd, I’d highly recommend it. Lemon curd tastes roughly like spring, if spring were a delectable lemon based topping that is delicious on toast or yogurt ( or my favorite way, by the spoonful). My new favorite way to consume this treat is to toast my bread and use it instead of jelly in a peanutbutter sandwich.


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