My friend Danielle just got a great new job. Last weekend over a celebratory Framboise at Small Bar in Logan Square, she mentioned wanting to go out for drinks sometime this week, with the girls before her 7:30am-5:30 pm hours began.

The Violet Hour is delicious and fantastic, but a bit out of our price range for this Wednesday. The Matchbox is an old standby, but we wanted something a little more intimate and less crowded (an odd mix of terms, eh?)

I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try out Juicy Wine Company. We weren’t dissapointed- I had a delicious grilled cheese and some reasonably priced glasses of Pinot Noir. Natalie got and shared some lemon-thyme brined olives and Danielle got the “Stinky, Creamy, Sharp” cheese plate, which was generously portioned and very tasty. It’s a bit pricy to be the kind of place you can go every day (not that you’d want to go to a wine bar everyday, i’m just saying) , but is worth checking out, especially with a group of friends on a low-key weekday evening.