we set the table for breakfast

Currently on location in Siesta Key, Florida. Surprisingly, there is wireless internet AND a platform for uploading pictures to my computer. Hanging out with Clara Lou and John (Grandma and Grandpa, respectively) They picked me up from the airport yesterday and we went to Barnacle Bill’s Seafood for a quick “soup and salad.” Tamiami Trail might not be the most attractive street, but it does have the coolest name. After a that meal, we drove back to the condo and chatted for awhile.

This is my Grandpa, relaxing on a Saturday night:

I was in bed by 11:30 (10:30 Chicago time!) and awake by 8:30 (7:30 Chicago time, you get the idea) When I woke up, Grandma was in the kitchen cooking bacon and pancakes, and the table was set.

I had 2 kinds of juices, and coffee, just like at a restaurant.

The blueberry pancakes were amazing! My Grandma apologized for using pancake mix, which I can only see a woman from her generation OR some weirdo foodie (ahem) apologizing for. She used way more blueberries than Cozy Corner and it tasted that much more delicious, also probably because my grandma made them.

Recently, Grandma and Grandpa have found they prefer bacon cooked in the microwave because it is crispier. Sometimes, I agree

We also had a long discussion regarding their switch to real maple syrup as opposed to the kind you get in the plastic pitcher. I have to say I am very happy with this switch.

to the beach!


2 thoughts on “we set the table for breakfast

  1. ellen, your grandparents must live right near my grandma – venice? i’ve totally eaten dinner at barnacle bills, and driven down tamiami. awesome!
    it’s lovely to live the retired life for a sweet second. later!

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