I apologize! I haven’t updated. I actually haven’t been cooking very much over the past week or so, much to my chagrin. Hence, I have no pictures or delicious recipes for sharing.
However, it hasn’t been too dismal… I have had the privilage of eating several good meals, most noticeably “Indiana Chicken” and potato salad at a bbq last night (I know! BBQ! It’s happening!) I’ve also been eating a lot of delicious veggie burgers, and, on Friday Sarah and I made some very successful anchovy pizzas and some kind of unsuccessful Mai-Tais. Anybody know where to get Orgeat Syrup? We didn’t really have all the ingredients, so it wasn’t totally our fault that it didn’t work out, well I guess it actually was- if we had planned accordingly. I just found this awesome website. What did we do before the internet?


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