domestic bliss

I’m going to keep my fingers crossed… but tonight Danielle and I are dropping off our security deposit and signing a lease for a new apartment that we’ll be moving into in July. It’s a little further south and a little further east than our seperate current digs, the price is right, it has a den, and a very workable (read: big and uncluttered with a butler’s pantry) kitchen. It is the first apartment I am really excited about moving into. I have enjoyed living in all of my environments, but am ready to be cat free. My job has given me lots of great ideas design and I can’t wait to apply them to my home. Talking about color selection/ space planning with Danielle has been really fun. We have similar tastes that are different enough to keep it interesting. All of this is great, but Danielle and I both have benefitted from living with people who have a lot of furniture. This means we have a couple of shelves, and our beds. This means we need a couch.

For my birthday my grandma decided it was time that I get some “adult furniture” but not until I move out of my current apartment. Well the time has come, and I luckily work at one of the best resources for home design in the city of Chicago. I got lucky on craigslist and found this couch from a really nice couple who I turn out to have some mutual friends with.

The couch is great

I can’t wait to sit on it

I’m recovering it in this fabric, which is called Rocket in the color cocoa.

And I’m making 2 big pillows for it in this Paul Smith fabric, that I have been obsessed with since August.

Many happy meals will be made in this house, and eaten on this couch.


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