apt apt.

Man, I love a good use of abbreviation/ fun words. Well, we got the apartment in the sunny Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago. I’ll be sad to leave Logan Square, but happy to live on a residential street. We won’t move in until July, but it is really nice to not have to worry about looking for an apartment during June, when it will hopefully (finally) be warm outside forever, or at least until November. The other advantage to getting our apartment stuff set up a month before we move is the fact that we’ll be able to paint/ organize prior to our move in date. That way, it will be move-in ready and we won’t have to unpack twice.
I did a rough sketch of the layout.

I’m only seeing a few problems with the place at the moment.
1. Paint colors (the kitchen is navy blue, yuck)
2. Lack of storage in kitchen (there are no cabinets in the kitchen, but there is a butler’s pantry)
3. Lack of storage in bathroom (there are no cabinets in the bathroom…)
4. Light fixtures/ it is a little dark (this might change when we paint the place)

ps- I know that this is not about food or recipes, but it is really the only thing I want to imagine about/ plan right now…


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