apartment fantasy

Ever since Gerard started dedicating (ala Weird Al) Ween songs to my apartment obsession, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. My work environment has a lot to do with it; I’m surrounded by beautiful things and the facts attached to them, which makes them exciting and approchable at the same time. Color, design, and space has evolved over the past year- into something I actually think about, rather than something that seems inaccessible and only for rich people. Danielle and I are lucky that our landlord said we could a) repaint the place and b) take the $ out of our rent. I have to run the budget by her, but this is what we’ve decided on thus far.

Kitchen: June Day

Living Rooms: Nuance (it didn’t scan well, but is not pure white)

Bathroom and Den: Tango

Accent wall in Living Room: I forget the color name

My bedroom: I also forget the color name, it doesn’t look this pink in real life.

I know it seems like a lot (maybe too many colors) but I am confident in how the neutrals will work with the brighter pops. I also like how certain color schemes will be echoed throuought the whole home. Craigslist is proving to be a valuable resource, and my friend Ashlie who goes to the Harrington Institute of Design is going to help me and Danielle with some space solutions, especially for our cabinet-less kitchen.

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