and we’re back.

Don’t worry. I went to Target, dropped a few Hamiltons, and now my blog is back in business.

It’s ok, Summer 2008 has been kind a grind at times, with a few amazing highlights. I do believe I got my new photo-uploader thing just in the nick of time to capture what is sure to be an eventful and delicious end of summer and fall.

To begin, I am catering a wedding of two friends in late September. Colin and Terisa are planning what is sure to be a fun and eventful evening for them and all of their friends and family. They decided to go with a Mediterranean restaurant to do the “basics” and are letting me plan the highlights of their culinary nuptials. Last week, they came over for a tasting. I prepared a variety of salads, soups, and “purses” for them. Favorites included: roasted tomato yogurt bisque (which, is also quite healthy), Greek salad with oregano/dill dressing and chickpeas, and beet/feta and mushroom/feta purses.

Here is the mushroom feta filling

So far, the best part about gearing up for this happy event, has been inventing the recipes. I was feeling really stressed out last week about a variety of things, and as soon as I started chopping, I started to feel better.


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