once you pop you can’t stop

Back with a vengence, Die Hard XXXIV, the food edition.

Over the past few months, it’s become abundantly clear that I need to stay away from wheat. I have avoided this fact, and realized that I really can’t. Once in awhile I can indulge in some pizza or a regular cookie, but for the most part, I need to be wheat free. My mom has Celiac Disease, and while right now I only have an intolerance, my doctor has assured me that eventually it will grow into a full blown allergy. I remembered this in the past week, when I was feeling tired, but getting enough sleep, pretty much the whole summer. It’s day 3 of Project No Wheat, Duece (I did this once time from 2006-2007 already)

The only problem is… what to eat?! Everything has wheat in it! Luckily, Im not that fond of pasta… But nothing beats a hot crusty bread… Or a delicious piece of pizza. Or toast in the morning with Nutella on it… Or a muffin. Or a scone. Or even, Cheez-Its. So what do we do? We pretend we don’t want it! Bring on the yogurt and fruut, AND I’ll do yoga in the morning to give wheat the double kibosh on it (fyi, pronounced with a long and a short i)

Breakfast of Champions

Yogurt, Strawberries, Bananas… OJ and Cold Brewed Coffee (get it while it’s cold….)


2 thoughts on “once you pop you can’t stop

  1. i have a new goal, now. make delicious wheat-free bread and/or scones. i seriously tried last weekend but they sucked. i used a horrible kind of wheat that tasted like beans. give me a minute and i’ll figure something out, and maybe actually get to deliver it to your apartment.

  2. oo yogurt and fruit is the most delish breakfast ever! i eat it nearly every day. at least on work mornings. if i had some of your cold-brewed coffee, it would probably be even 10x’s better. they probably make wheat-free granola too. and there are a lot of other sub-products i know of from my friend who has the same wheat allergy prob…

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