sunday dinner

Mary and I have been friends since we were six years old and hiding in the bushes from bullies at our grade school. A few weeks ago, I helped her and her boyfriend, Justin move into their new (hugely awesome) apartment, which feels like a treehouse. They had us over for dinner as a thank you.

There is something really wonderful about being invited to a friends’ house when she is freshly moved in, and things aren’t settled, but you can see the shape that it is taking. Mary and Justin’s house feels calm and well thought out, kind of like the two of them.

They remembered my favorite cider, I picked up a bottle of wine, and the other guests made dessert. Sometimes, when you’re eating dinner, I feel it’s more important to relax and have fun than to snap pictures, so I only got a photo of the delicious vegan sushi that Mary made. She and Justin went to the Chicago Food Corp for the ingredients. If you haven’t been there, I’d highly recommend it.

The sushi was made with tempura sweet potato, English cucumber, inoki mushroom, avocado, rice, and a veganaisse/ chili garlic sauce. It was beautiful and tasty.

Mary just got a cypress rice bowl for cooling the sushi rice. I haven’t ever made sushi, but Mary’s skill made me want to try. It’s also something deliciously gluten free, which is really important at the moment!


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