yea! and boo…

OBAMA WON! Heck yea! I’m so proud of my country and of my generation… I made it down to Grant Park on Tuesday November 4, 2008, and stood with my fellow citizens, dancing to Stevie Wonder, waiting for McCain to concede. I felt such pride in singing along to the national anthem and the pledge of allegiance. I am so proud, happy, hopeful, and anxious for Obama to begin his term as our 44th president. I know the road won’t be easy, but I feel like we picked the right way to go (see Robert Frost)

In other news, my camera is down for the count, as of November 4, 2008. I guess she couldn’t handle the energy of Obama’s election.

So, I’ll leave you with this tip.

Adobo is great, used sparingly, especially in freshly popped popcorn (like on the stovetop style)

Peace, out. I’m about to have a date with Liz Lemon and some Adobo flavored popcorn. The high-flying lifestyle of a 26 year old in Chicago on a Friday night. Super cool.


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