antes eat the ides

It is 15 minutes before my lovely roommate comes to pick me up for our first EAT THE IDES dinner party. The ingredient is lemon. I am making a riff on Moroccan Tagine. Instead of making a stew, I bought lamb shanks, marinated them in Moroccan spices and preserved lemons. I am cooking them in a cast iron skillet at the party house. I’m serving the lamb over a bed of couscous with lemon peel, as well as with a carrot puree, hummus, and a small salad of sunflower greens and lemon. I know it will be good, but I am not sure if it will win because it has so many flavor components. I’m guessing I should have stuck with something more simple, that really only hi-lighted lemon. No one else is making a dessert, and I am sure I could have knocked that one out of the ballpark with a creamy lemon ice cream. Now that I am thinking about desserts I am getting a little wistful about all the time I’ve spent making a savory dish. I always need to remind myself that simplicity is not a bad thing. I’ll keep you updated with the next ingredient. Wish me luck!


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