roasted sweet potato fries

With school and the financial limitations it imposes, I am looking for even more ways to enjoy my favorite treats without spending a lot of unnecessary moolah. Obviously, this involves going out to eat less. Now, I don’t think I eat out that often, but in reality I do, mostly for convenience. Every taco, hot dog, or basket of cheese curds adds up to quite a pretty penny, financially AND nutritionally. I usually want pizza. At first, I think about about going out, but I end up staying in and improvising. Sometimes, I want Chinese. I think about going out, but once I look at my stockpile of food, I realize I can also improvise a vaguely Chinese meal. So, let’s say I really want a burger. Unfortunately, I only have tuna, not a half pound of grass-fed ground beef. When I want a burger, normally what I really want is a serving of french fries. Small Bar is a local pub about 2 blocks from my house. They have amazing sweet potato fries and I happen to have sweet potatoes! Presto! Sweet Potato Fries!

1 large sweet potato,
Salt, to taste
Olive Oil, enough to coat sweet potatoes
1 tsp dried spice (I used smoked paprika, but curry or adobo or anything you like would probably work equally well)
1 cookie sheet
Parchment paper to cover cookie sheet
Oven, preheated to 450

1. Cut sweet potato into strips.
2. Sprinkle with olive oil, follow with salt and spice. Flip over so each side of each slice is lightly coated in the oil.
3. Place in pre heated oven.
4. After 15 minutes, turn each slice over, cook for 15 more minutes. After a half hour, they should be finished.

5. Let the fries cool a bit and then eat them before they get too cold!


3 thoughts on “roasted sweet potato fries

  1. those sweet potatoe fries look so yummy! whenever i make them they end up soggy and gross. and they take forever to cook. I think i am using too much oil. thanks for the tips!

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