easy pasta

Saveur Magazine is one of my favorite food magazines on the planet. It is one of the only magazines I save, and it always proves to be quite useful. Annually, Saveur has an issue called the “Saveur 100.” This year the “Saveur 100” is all reader generated, and it’s a great issue to have. I believe it’s still on newsstands as it is the January/February 2010 issue. One of the best recipes in the magazine is called Crabs and Spaghetti.

I’ve adapted the recipe a bit. If you’d like detailed directions, I’d suggest purchasing the magazine or looking at their informative website. Essentially, you sautee some onions in olive oil, add chili flakes, basil, garlic, celery salt, and a can of whole peeled tomatoes. You reduce that until it has thickened, and then you add the crab. Meanwhile, you should be cooking some pasta on the stovetop while you’re making the sauce. I’ve found corn & quinoa pasta to be a great addition to my pantry and that is what I tend to use when I eat pasta. Once you add the crab to the sauce, your pasta should be done. Drain the pasta, put it into bowls, and serve with crab pasta sauce on top. I found the celery salt to be a welcome addition to the tomato sauce and am excited to use it in more recipes. Also, I modified the recipe from Saveur a bit, the recipe in the magazine calls for heavy cream, but I wanted to keep it light.

2 thoughts on “easy pasta

  1. I’m drooling! Was the crab expensive?
    Hey random question…, you’ve baked bread right? Do I have to get a bread stone in order to bake bread?

    • crab can be a little expensive, but if you already have the other ingredients in your cabinet (which you probably do) it’s worth it. i got fresh crab from whole foods for 7.99, 12 oz package.

      if you want to bake bread, a pizza stone works just as well as a “bread stone.” it does add a nice crustiness. but, try experimenting before you go and buy something expensive and new. they have pizza stones at target or bed bath and beyond for a reasonable price.

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