end of summer

Again with the absence… I’ve been keeping busy…

Making a Greek dinner with my friend Ena for almost 20 people
Her main man Ted made a giant table out of reclaimed wood. Highlights from the menu included saganaki, lamb meatballs, and Greek frozen yogurt.

Hanging out with my mom (and dad)
We went to the Purple Pig and saw The Kids Are Alright. Purple Pig= good. The Kids Are Alright= good, but you can wait for the DVD or instant Netflix.

My pal Leigh’s bachelorette party at this crazy cabin in Brown County Indiana.
My Chicago pals appreciated the abbreviated tour of Indianapolis when we stopped for lunch at Taste, which an old pal introduced me to a few years ago.

Gerard and I made Niçoise salads on Monday. They were good!
We also made pulled pork sandwiches on Tuesday, but we ate them too fast to take pictures.

School starts again on Monday, along with a more regular schedule. Summer, it’s sad to say goodbye. I don’t wanna go, but I gotta go.

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