every day you should give yourself a present

I’m having a very Dale Cooper-esque morning, eating pie and drinking strong coffee before heading off to sling brunch.


Last night I began my experimentation with gluten free pastry crust. The apple galette inspired tart I made was pretty tasty. The crust was nice, but very heavy on the almonds, which did not create the ideal (buttery, flaky, rich, yet light) pastry crust of my dreams. The Xanthan gum is key though, and I am really happy I picked it up. Regardless, the tart was still tasty and I would make it again, but I wouldn’t use the crust unless the filling complimented almonds.

Additionally last night, we had apple-potato soup, concord grape and spinach salad, and braised shortribs over creamy polenta…. GAH, I am so happy it is fall. The apple potato soup was an experiment that worked out pretty well, I’ll post a recipe later.

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