it’s been a minute, or so.

And that’s it. Lots has happened in the past few months, but lots has stayed the same. Besides the obvious, what else is going on? Bear with me while I get back on the blogging horse, m’kay?

Some friends are getting married and I was asked to be a bridesmaid! So far, the bride has only specified no jersey fabric, which is OK by me, since I’ve been on a strict diet of chips and chip dip for most of the fall/winter. Tonight I made vegetarian chili with brown rice, which is probably the healthiest thing I have eaten since 2008. I only put the smallest amount of shredded cheddar on top. Aren’t you proud?

I’ve seen a few movies. Some were good, some were bad. Burlesque and Country Strong were wastes of my and large Hollywood studios’ $$. Black Swan is over-rated. True Grit is something I’d like to own on DVD.

Gerard and I are still watching Twin Peaks, Cooper is about to enter the White Lodge, which is pretty important, from what I understand about the show.

I’m still in culinary school, but discovered that I am really interested in nutrition. I’m going to pursue that as a career, so school will not be done in the spring, as planned. UIC happens to have a fantastic nutrition program, so everything is dovetailing nicely.

It has been cold and chilly in Chicago for the past few months, so the winter ennui has been setting in. I am combating this with Bananagrams and Paperwhites.

We’re planning on moving to a new apartment when our lease is up. I’m thinking YARD and LAUNDRY. June 1 can’t come quickly enough.

I am making the wedding cakes for 2 separate friend couples. Couple friends? It’s funny, because I’m not that into pastry as something to eat, but it is fun to build, like LEGOs. I’ve been researching a lot of wedding cakes, so it kind of looks like I am psycho in my browsing history.

I saw Rahm Emanual at a bar before Christmas. I went to Austin for Christmas. Tomorrow I’m going to see The Moth.

I got little tired of writing about food all of the time, but I think it’s a good focus. It’s intimidating when I know there are so many smart people writing about food. However, no one got good at anything by not doing it.

I’ve been on a champagne kick, which is dying down. Haven’t had a burger since June.

Received a Kitchen-Aid mixer AND an I-Pad for xmas, plus lots of socks and a turtle neck sweater.

Gerard and I are going to visit our friends Leigh and Michael in Costa Rica for Spring Break, 2011. SPRING BREAK 2011… I’m 28, but it will still be fun! Must get body bikini ready, so I can wear one again before I get too old to do so.

I have been embracing my inner W.A.S.P. and been wearing pearl earrings pretty much every day. Google W.A.S.P. blogs, it’s a real hoot. Apologize if that term vaguely offends anyone.

Now that the silence has been broken, I am sure I will post with more frequency and focus in the coming days.

My Dad shaved his head totally bald, he looks like an Army guy. I have REAL actual homework this semester, which is kind of cool.

I haven’t been to any new-new restaurants lately. I just keep going to the same places when I go out. OLD.

I also recently learned how to REALLY play CANASTA. Which is about the most fun thing ever.

I’m going to bed now, but I’ll be back. I just paid $17 to renew the domain, so I better get the most out of my $1.50 a month this year.

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