busy bird

In the past week, 3 different unrelated people have called me a busy bird. 3 jobs, school, and a life outside of that stuff does leave me feeling like a bit of a tornado.

When I’m riding the train or bus (made much more convenient by Train Tracker and Bus Tracker), I do the bulk of my blog reading. Sometimes, I read about food. Sometimes, I read about celebrity gossip. Sometimes, I read about home design. Sometimes, I read about the news. I also play a lot of word warp and am continuously checking out Twitter. I also have days where I read a book or do a crossword. Pretty heady stuff, eh?

Through my internet travels, I found that Diane Von Furstenberg has released a line for home. I tend to stick with monochromatic themes, but these sheets would look awesome on any bed. They’d also provide a nice contrast to the weather we’ve been having outside.
*photo snagged from Bloomingdales website. I’m a sucker for patterned dish cloths, and I want ole’ Diane to release some. Isn’t she a countess or something?

My friend Whitney has a great house, cute dog, and smart husband. She also has a cut glass decanter in her living room, which I am going to copy. Maybe this one will do?
*This image is from Steuben glass. It costs about two months of my rent. I am not serious about buying it, but an approximation from ebay for a 97% discount will probably be in my purchasing future.

I’ve been inspired my my other friend Whitney to take better care of my hands/feet and found my new favorite nail polish at good old Target.
It’s called Petal Pusher by Sally Hansen and it really does dry almost instantly.

To tell the truth, when things get busy I’ve been eating soup and quiche, at least this winter. Tomorrow GB and I are making burgers and going to see the Social Network. Maybe I will make ketchup!

Stay tuned, soup’s on this Sunday.

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