Day Off Pasta

On Monday I didn’t have school, which was actually really nice. I had the chance to sleep in and have a leisurely morning before heading into the office to do some paperwork.

The past week was a blur of work, school, and social engagements. I didn’t really cook at home very much (uh, or at all). Something I’ve been struggling with is my desire to only eat pizza or tacos lately. Sometimes I order them, sometimes I make them, but I think my diet needs a bit of a change. My sodium intake is WAY to high and I’ve got to get ready for Costa Rica.

Now, getting ready to go on a beach vacation doesn’t usually involve eating Prosciutto, but it adds flavor and a little goes a long way. I know that Spaghetti Carbonara calls for pancetta, but I didn’t have it in my fridge. I also know that it calls for a raw egg– I like to practice poaching them, so I use poached sometimes. I also add peas, and instead of Parmesan the store had Asiago. To someone who is a purist, this is probably the grossest sounding pasta ever. To me, however, it is great.

The picture is kind of disgusting, but I assure you it tasted really good. I also found a REALLY GREAT gluten free pasta at the Dill Pickle Co-Op. The brand is called Jovial Foods, and the brown rice cappellini tasted like conventional pasta!
I also roasted some carrots. YUM.

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