This weekend was really fun. I narrowly broke 100 while bowling and consumed some delicious escargot. Now, I want to make escargot at home. I always have garlic, lemon, and butter in the proverbial larder…. I just need to buy some snails.

I’m writing a paper on Norwegian cuisine, and want to buy this cheese:
Apparently it is a sweet brown goat cheese. Norwegians use it all the time. It’s vaguely disgusting, but I love cold packed cheese food (ala Kaukauna/Merkts) so I think I would enjoy cold packed sweet goat cheese. I love eating things my Grandpa Hjalmer (a true Norwegian) would have enjoyed as a kid. Does anyone know where I can buy it in Chicago? I already emailed the Swedish shop on Foster. However, I feel a little weird about this as everyone knows Swedes and Norwegians have a long running rivalry. Maybe someday I will tell my only joke about being Norwegian.

Additionally, I like this basket for soap in a bathroom or kitchen.
(via bungalowbungahigh)

I think I need these shoes. Both.

(shoe pics via Lori’s)
Side note, how do you avoid the insides of your summer shoes getting gross? Gerard says socks. I say socks defeat the purpose of summer shoes. EXCITED FOR SUMMER SHOES.

Remember summer? I do.

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2 thoughts on “Salutations

  1. EL! 1st: can we PLEASE go to lori’s together? its my favorite. 2nd: i LOVE that goat cheese, its sooo delish and not gross at all. did you see it featured on thekitchn last week? I even have the traditional Norwegian cheese knife to cut it:)

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