Like a monkey. I’m feeling a bit stressed. But, I’m inspired by Big Boi & Gucci Mane, and I keep thinking “Don’t block my shine shorty, I’m on my grind shorty.” Thanks for bearing with me over the course of the next few months while this blog temporarily morphs to more of an ad-hoc ranting forum.

There are 168 hours in a week. I’m in school 28 hours a week. I work at least 43 hours a week. I try to sleep 8 hours a night, so that’s 56 hours. Commuting to school and work and home for the week totals 15 hours. I probably spend between 5-10 hours on homework. All total, that means 152 hours of the week are occupied. Not that I’m complaining, being busy is good… but GEEZE. Spring Break cannot come quickly enough.

Once I’m done with culinary on MAY 12 (!!!) I’ll be continuing my studies with Chemistry and French this summer. While I’ll be working out my brain, it will be a little different than the physical labor associated with working the kitchen in Culinary school. One of my jobs will also end, so I will have a bit more free time, to do things like laundry and cook.

Speaking of cooking, ahem. Remember when Anthony Bourdain went to Azores? I do. When I’m on the train, I often think of jetting off to the The Archipelago. This weekend, GB is going to the Roger Brown House to work on some music with Roommate, so I’ll be all by my lonesome. I’m working though the weekend, but on Saturday night I’m planning on making some Portuguese Fish Stew. I have garlic, some frozen fish, potatoes, and some white wine that is probably past its drinking prime in the fridge. Portuguese Fish Stew Saturday here we come!

I also have some blueberries, so this recipe from Gluten Free Girl is looking pretty tasty.

Also, how do you exercise when you have 16 free hours a week? I could wake up at 4:30, but that’s not going to happen and I don’t like working out at night. Once it gets warmer, I’ll be riding my bicycle more frequently. However, I don’t exactly bike at break-neck speed… So, maybe I will take up cardiolates. Never mind, that would never work. Back to the trampoline.

This is a celebrity gossip blog for you, Leigh.

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