The Port of Indianapolis

I’m on a lot of antibiotics right now, so my dreams have been insane. Let me tell you about The Port of Indianapolis… if the Canal had Succeeded. In this alternate reality, Indianapolis is connected to the St. Lawrence Seaway by a series of canals, making it the most important business center in the Midwest, and the true crossroads of America. Thanks drugs!

In other news, I was feeling better by Friday, so I was able to make (but not drink) some drinks for an event at my friend Annie’s store. If you haven’t been, it’s pretty darn great. Check the blog out… and her online store is going live soon.


My friend Roy (uber-talented pastry chef & blog writer) made tea themed cookies, so I made tea themed drinks. I made two drinks, a riff on the Lady Grey and a riff on a Dark and Stormy.

Lady Grey
1 ounce Earl Grey infused Gin
1 ounce lemon juice
1/2 ounce agave nectar
Shaken over ice, garnished with Lemon

*some Lady Grey recipes call for Earl Grey syrup. I didn’t want it to be cloying, so I just infused the gin.

Jasmine Storm
1 ounce Jasmine Tea infused Rum
1 ounce Lime Juice
Dash Pineapple Juice
Shaken, poured over ice
Topped with Ginger Beer
Dark Rum Float on top, garnished with a lime.

It seems that there are a lot of “Sweet Tea” liquors on the market. While I don’t have a problem with these, most that I have tasted are overly sweet. For both infused spirits used in these recipes, I simply brewed the tea in the bottle with the alcohol in sunlight. I only brewed it for about 2 hours to avoid an overly tannic flavor. The resulting infusions were refreshing, especially the Jasmine Infused Rum.

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2 thoughts on “The Port of Indianapolis

  1. Serioiusly, come open a restaurant/bar here in Providence and then whenever my wife and I leave open a new restaurant where we move to.

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