A sensible Midwestern woman.

This is my ultimate goal and deepest fear. Until it happens, I will blog in obscurity from my office at 63rd and Halsted in the heart of Englewood. Let’s discuss the finer points of: crappy salads from Whole Foods, counter organization, things I like forever, and things I currently dislike.

1. Crappy Salads From Whole Foods.
On Sunday I broke down and bought a salad at Whole Foods. I usually don’t buy prepared foods, not because I’m particularly industrious, but because I am particularly cheap.
It was a disappointment. I didn’t read the label and the salad unfortunately included some flaccid pasty late winter tomatoes. Never again. Kale and cranberries and tomatoes? Come on. Moral of the story: even when you are tired make your own snacks.

2. Counter Organization.
Do you keep you ingredients out on the counter, or are you of the “ingredients should not be seen or heard” school?
I like to keep my fixings on the counter. When I’m not being a lazy bum, I do like to cook. I enjoy having things with in easy reach. Current kitchen design trends would indicate that I’m on the stylish side of this argument, but open shelving will look dated someday too. I don’t think my opinion will change, but I also don’t hang out with a lot of children. I can see how small curious hands would change my stance. I keep fancy (you fancy, huh) olive oil, normal olive oil, honey, black pepper grinder, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, white vinegar concentrate ( multiple purpose, could peel paint I think), shallot, and a little bowl of kosher salt for easy sprinkling. I keep it on a mirrored tile from Ikea, so my oils and vinegars feel slightly 1980s-Vegas-chic.

3. The other day my boss asked me if I enjoyed anything. I didn’t know how to take this, so I compiled a list of things I like, if only to remind myself.
Roses lip salve, cotton underwear, skyline, urban detritus, kids, cream cheese, pizza, tacos, fruit, Worcestershire sauce, Bare feet, Clean sheets, Corn fields, Midwestern spring, Crunch ( how American of me), Recently discovered : iced peppermint tea, Recently discovered: naps, Exfoliating, CTA bus tracker, Forest, Bloody marys on airplanes, Butter, Calendars, Birthdays, Coffee; particularly from a thermos, Grocery shopping while hungry, Oxford cloth, the library, bicycles, etc.

4. To counterbalance, here are some things I am annoyed by or tired of:
Vintage globes in decorating, white subway tile everywhere, celebrity gossip, winter, the words “local sustainable products” on a menu, plaid, the smell of pee on the Jackson tunnel on the CTA, annoying pandora stations, sad news, missing my family, sweating while being cold, and relative ennui while being extraordinarily busy.

PS. Have you had a Seelbach? You only need one, but it’s GOOD!


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