Ok, I missed a week, but it’s ok. I was a little busy. I didn’t have that much to say and that’s that.

Then this happened.

And this.

And finally THIS.

I’ve been using this to make my selzer water extra-extra.

Like every other woman in my demographic, I enjoyed Bossypants immensely. (I-pad can be dangerous)

This is a real sentence from the website of the beach house we are renting with friends: “The exciting juxtaposition of the high end appliances and natural tropical surroundings epitomize the concept of natural luxury.” I hope we can handle the JUXTAPOSITION OF NATURAL LUXURY.

Hopefully by the time GB and I return from our trip, the weather will be awesome all of the time.

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One thought on “springy

  1. by “juxtaposition of natural luxury” I just keep imaging stuff like a super fancy $200 blender full of dirty rocks. or a big cockroach runs across the kitchen counter, but leaves a single ruby in it’s wake.

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