¡Costa Rica!

Last week, Gerard and I had the chance to visit our friends Leigh and Michael at their home in Costa Rica.

It was a much needed break, and we had a lot of fun. We relaxed and shredded. We drank a lot of smoothies, and saw some cool signs. We ate a ton of amazing food.

The view from Leigh ad Michael’s porch is amazing.

Thanks to Leigh and Michael for their hospitality. It was a magical week, and I hope we can do it again soon. Or meet up somewhere (like rent a house in France… just sayin’)

After a few days relaxing in their neighborhood, Escazu, which is just outside of San Jose, our friends Whitney and Thomas arrived and we drove down the coast to Manuel Antonio.

The place we stayed, Villas Oasis, was everything you could possibly want from a temporary home away from home in a tropical paradise.

We hiked to the beach and ate out at some great restaurants including Salsipuedes, Ronny’s, Sanchos, and Barba Roja.

After a layover in Miami, it was back to work and school today. We’re gearing up for our move to a new apartment and excited to try making homemade Lizano sauce. This vacation also served as a reminder that I need to be better about not over doing my schedule. I was lucky to be able to take a break, but I shouldn’t let it get to the point where life is so unbalanced. Luckily, spring seems to have sprung in Chicago, even if it’s not as warm as it is in good old Costa Rica.

The better looking pictures in this post were taken by my friends Whitney and Thomas. Whitney makes beautiful custom furniture, check it out.

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One thought on “¡Costa Rica!

  1. I liked the witch … sometimes you need that kind of transportation in Costa Rica to get anywhere, fast. Sounds like it was a good trip, soon time to come back!

    Cheers, Tee

    Tee is the founder and senior editor of http://www.CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com Travel Magazine and http://www.CostaRicaCLOSEUP.tv Video Magazine guides to Costa Rica with Events, Articles and Information for everyone traveling, retiring and/or purchasing real estate in Costa Rica.

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