I am hungry! Every since I got back from Florida, I haven’t set foot on the CTA and have been biking all around the city thanks to Gerard getting my bike fixed. However, my appetite has gone through the roof! All I want to do is bike and take snack breaks! This morning, I ate my lunch for breakfast!



My friend Danielle just got a great new job. Last weekend over a celebratory Framboise at Small Bar in Logan Square, she mentioned wanting to go out for drinks sometime this week, with the girls before her 7:30am-5:30 pm hours began.

The Violet Hour is delicious and fantastic, but a bit out of our price range for this Wednesday. The Matchbox is an old standby, but we wanted something a little more intimate and less crowded (an odd mix of terms, eh?)

I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try out Juicy Wine Company. We weren’t dissapointed- I had a delicious grilled cheese and some reasonably priced glasses of Pinot Noir. Natalie got and shared some lemon-thyme brined olives and Danielle got the “Stinky, Creamy, Sharp” cheese plate, which was generously portioned and very tasty. It’s a bit pricy to be the kind of place you can go every day (not that you’d want to go to a wine bar everyday, i’m just saying) , but is worth checking out, especially with a group of friends on a low-key weekday evening.

you say you like snacks

yesterday, after an extended conversation with sarah about the menu of our upcoming french inspired dinner party/ dinner making party, we went to trader joes and bought snacks to eat in lieu of an actual dinner. this idea wasn’t wholly original as sarah had mentioned doing the same thing that very day, yesterday. nonetheless, the pictures look tasty.
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gerard taped 30 Rock and The Office, so we ate savory treats and laughed.
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i wish every night was snack night.