in other news

If you are reading this, thanks! I moved, and I need to get a new photo-uploader thing. In the mean time, bear with me. Also, my computer crashed, but thanks to Apple’s fantastic warranty program I have a new hard drive with 20 more gigs of memory and Leopard all for FREE DOLLARS. I was high and dry for a bit, but now I am swimming again (ahhhhh, metaphors…)

Please tell me about good music. All of my music went bye-bye with my old hard drive. I know, I should have had it backed up… but not all of it was.

We went to dinner at Sepia the other night for a celebratory evening, and it was well worth it. One of the most fun dining experiences I have ever had.

I’ve read a few books this summer: Blindness, Dance Dance Dance, Veganomicon, The Sound and The Fury (again).

I’ve watched some movies. I forgot how cute “Amelie” is, and am glad I waited until I was 25 to watch “The Opposite of Sex.”

This summer has also involved a Buffy Marathon, not dissimilar to last summer’s (ahem Ms. Gallagher) However, it hit home more because my computer was broken and my cell phone has been on the fritz (for the past year, I know). 1999 felt like a natural place to be. If only I could find my chunky heels.

I quit my office job and am enjoying the pace of my new pursuits.

More soon.