sitting on the dock of the bay

Yes. I am leaving my fair city for warmer climes on Saturday, but only for one week via Delta to Sarasota, Florida; specifically Siesta Key, which has smelled the same since I can remember. I will be staying with my grandparents and working on a tan (while protected by sunscreen) and not doing much else besides eating and making food. I am most excited about local produce! It’s Florida! Oranges and Mangoes ACTUALLY grow there!

One of the funnier things about going on vacation to the same place since I was born is that I usually go to the same places. Favorites include: Mar Vista Restaurant , Anna’s Deli, Surfrider (which has closed but is delicious). There are tons of other places, but those have been my favorites since I was 4. Wow! That was 21 years ago.

My grandparents condo development is on the beach. Their unit isn’t featured on the website, but you get the idea. It’s a roll out of bed, put on a swimsuit, slap on some sunscreen and lay on the beach kind of place. Last time I was there I read some reallllllly good books (ahem, Dan Brown). Go to the beach with the biggest tumbler of iced tea you can carry and relax.

I haven’t been on a vacation for 2 years. It is about time!