100 #3

100 things #3

In 2011 and 2012 I decided to do 100 things.  I did 28 in 2011 and 37 in 2012. Honestly, 2013 was a worthwhile but challenging  year. I felt a bit at sea. I’ve spent the past few months addressing my feelings  and believe that 2014 will be a great year. Part of what was frustrating to me about 2013 was how I chose to relax. After a week or two of working a lot, instead of  unwinding through exercise or intellectual stimulation I was being a big couch potato with a big glass of wine. After my 31 & Gerard’s 32nd bdays in October, we decided that we didn’t like our routine all the time.  I’m hopeful that 2014 will be a great year for adventures, quiet time, and the occasional crappy tv binge.  So here’s what I’m thinking for 2014:

1. Update blog weekly.

3.8.13-  haven’t been doing the best job at this, but am Chicago bound for awhile, so we’ll see how it goes!

2. Exercise 3x a week.

3. Move to a new place. We’ve decided to stay in our current place until we find somewhere that’s just right.  No need to uproot ourselves to only sign a year lease.

4. Take a pottery class. Done and done!  Penguin Foot is the bomb!

5.  Adjust my reliance on taxis- as in don’t take as often… With the ease of Uber, it can get a little pricey.  Pre-tax transit credit makes this easy!

6. Make Worcestershire sauce again (hopefully in time for grilling season)

7.  See family more often. Specifically the ones in Chicago.


9. Go to more concerts & plays.

10. Save 20% of income a month.

11. Make sure to hang with friends.

12. Plan Paris trip for 2015.

13. Remember people’s bdays outside of Facebook.

14. Do a fantastic job at work.

15.  Watch more documentaries.

(1-  ***, 3 stars, a cool doc about the Michelin Guide, 2- Unzipped, 3- The Eye Has To Travel 4- Paycheck to Paycheck

16. Exercise in the morning, at least once a week.

17. Read more non-fiction

18. Focus on being positive.

19. Send out a card for an unexpected holiday.

20. Make homemade breakfast bar worth eating.

21. Find a camera I like and use it.  

22. Visit LA.

23. Visit NYC. Joe and Sarah’s wedding was so fun!

24. Visit San Francisco. Spent two weeks there training with my new job. Done!

25. Mexico, 2014  (Christmas Holiday?)

26. Play tennis in the summer.

27. Hang art. 

28. New Bedding.

29. Get rid of things we don’t use.

30. Refinish dining chairs.

31. Speakers.

32. Stop being scared of driving.

33. Go to a Ted Talk.

34. Volunteer

35. Go to top of Sears (Willis) Tower.

36. Go to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

37. Make bitters again, or a lime cordial recipe GB and I have been eyeing for a few years.

38.  Donate $ to NPR.  They got me. 

39. Go to the Milwaukee Art Museum.

40. Go to the Shedd Aquarium, it’s been awhile.

41. Visit the Modern Wing

42. Make donuts.

43. Have a date night 1x a week w/ GB

44. Go canoeing.

45.  Help my friends and their growing families feel loved.

46. Make dinners for new parents.

47. Print photos more often.

48. Go to King Spa.

49. Draw and color.

50. Drink enough water. How much is enough?

51. Write a short story.

52. Eat breakfast.

53. Visit Don in Mission, Texas.

54. Take a dance class.

54.  Save money by making coffee at home, unless it’s a special occasion.

55. Buy a car.

56. Get a dog. Not happening this year.

57. Make a quilt.

58. Go to  Russian Tea Time

59. Run a half marathon. All signed up for 9/7/14!

60. Stop dressing like a college student.

61. Imbibe less.  (2 x a week instead of 3/4)

62. Do the Frank Lloyd Wright tour in Oak Park.

63. Understand more about my local government and participate fully.

64.  Gather with friends, not always at a party.

65. Get off the internet sometimes.

67. Pause to enjoy things.

68. Give up meat for one month. (January)

69. Give up booze from March 5- April 17.   (At the beginning of this, might have something to do with finally updating the blog…) Just knocked out the 3rd weekend; feeling less polluted and more focused 🙂

70. Give up TV for one month. (probably not all the same month, geeze)

71. Go to a wine tasting.

72. Wear a bikini again.

73. Learn how to tune up & put new tires on my bicycle.

74. Girls weekend with my mom.

75. Go to the dentist.

76. Continue acupuncture. ( I believe this has been one of the most important things I have done for my self in recent memory.)

77. See a drag show.

78. High Tea at The Drake.

79. Grow hair longer.

80. Hot Air balloon ride.

81. Take GB horseback riding.

82. Lose 10 pounds.

83. Make jam.

84. Plant more houseplants, specifically a palm.

85. Repot houseplants that need new homes.

86. Visit Grandma & Grandpa in Florida.  GB will be enjoying his first Siesta Key visit very soon!

87. Go ice skating.

88. Take French classes.

89. Get on a boat

89. Go to the beach

90.  BBQ Ribs

91. Frame the scarf Whitney gave me for my 28th bday.

92. Bike the whole lakefront path

93. See Beetlejuice.

94. Master a few new songs on the piano.

95. A surprise!

96.  Visit Montana.

97. Make gluten free pasta from scratch.

98. Can tomato sauce.

99. Fried chicken dinner.

100. Keep at this list. Some are things I already do, some are things I want to do. Try to do more than 37  in 2014.


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