I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, just the internet.

But really, let’s talk about some hi-lights from the past few weeks.


Florist & photographer booked! For that big deal day in November.

A reading for Green Lantern Press & Make Magazine.

A delicious meal at Au Chaval (they have gluten-free buns for their burgers! shhhhh)

A nice write up of the restaurant where I work.

Wedding Shoes

Still reading a Song of Ice and Fire

Figured out the secret to even better homemade granola is soaking the dried fruit in liquid before baking.

Discovered that the movie “No Strings Attached” isn’t worth finishing despite Ludacris’ cameo as a wise yet inappropriate bartender.

Remembered how amazing this cookbook is.

Up Next:

Going to see this play.

Catering this event

Painting & finishing the office. Deciding between the colors at the top of the post. Leading towards the paint on the reader’s far left (stage right). Medium grey will make the space cozy. Now we need to learn how to install a pendant light and put some shelves up. Also contemplating a cork wall behind the desk.

A field trip to Hyde Park to see an old pal.

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