i love indiana

i love my homestate, old stomping grounds.

know what i mean?



sarah is one of my dearest, and we’ve been having the best adventures for awhile now.

last night might take the cake though.

we decided to meet up as castaways as one ought to do sometime in the summer. there, we heartily enjoyed talking with our waiter — just to prove how creepy the internet is! only sarah will appreciate that, but since she is one of the longest readers of said blog, i think it is ok.

after drinking church lemonade at castaway, we decided to go on a walk. there is a volleyball tournament at north avenue beach this weekend. we sneaked inside and looked at the grounds in all their post event glory. among other things, we saw plates of roast beef that had been left to rot, larger than life gatorade bottles, and really giant fake volleyballs.

then we walked to the break wall and saw between 300-400 geese, who looked like wooden geese sculptures until we were within 3 feet of them and they started to make noise and move.

then we sat down on the beach, and an old man with googly eyes and an open security shirt offered us cold gatorade, fresh from the cooler.

then on the bikeride back to logan square, we saw about 5 million cabs on cortland street, which is weird.