keeping up

This weekend I had the chance to attend a friend’s baby shower. I can’t wait to meet this kid!  The shower involved taking a quick trip to Indianapolis. I love visiting Indy, the most.  It’s always so nice to be back.

I had the chance to grab a veggie burger at Bru, pick up some baby presents at Nurture, eat breakfast at Cafe Patachou, and go on a really nice walk through the neighborhoods of my youth.  On the way home I ran into an old friend who is moving to my hood in Chicago! It was the quickest and most hilarious bus ride ever.

My friend Nora and her boyfriend Nick rescued this amazing dog.  His name is Solovino and GB and I got to watch him last week.

I’ve been trying to eat more healthy food and drink less alcohol.  It’s led to more reading, running, and cooking at home.  I made these sweet potato falafel and put them on a kale salad.

Wedding planning is at full tilt, I ran a 5k, work is busy, and I miss my family.

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Ok, real quick. June was nuts in a great way. Here is a quick recap from the top of the gallery. We went to Lincoln Park and my mom showed me her old apartment above Nookies, where I have never eaten breakfast, but it’s open 24 hours.  We found tiny instruments in the windows of The Old Town School of Folk Music. My new issue of Lucky Peach Came! I found a vintage postcard of the Hotel San Jose online.  My new job allows for me to be around epic amounts of beautiful flowers most of the time. Leigh and Michael visited, so we stocked up the fridge with Red Bull (so bad it’s good). We got drinks at Maude’s. Stevie and Gerard have matching shades and are generally cool dudes. Tiny Cover Band played the Holstein Park Centennial Celebration. My dad enjoyed the celebration at Holstein Park. We took the South Shore Line to Beverly Shores and spent a Saturday afternoon sunning and reading. The star reminds me of the 4th of July, which happened and was great.  I’m thinking of this haircut post wedding, it’s an update of every single  haircut I had as a child.

In other news, I’m running a 5k this Thursday, I’ve been eating lots of cold roasted salads, there was a heat wave in Chicago, and an amazing dog is staying with me this week.

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