pears and plums

I’ve always though of pears and plums as the sweetest but saddest fruits. Their arrival heralds the true end of summer and, sadly, the beginning of necessary sock wearing. Pears and plums definitely have a particular sophistication about them. In color they are darker and more chic than innocent fruits from earlier in the summer. In flavor they are musky, complex, and a bit savory. I love a good strawberry, but by the time the end of August rolls around, I am ready for something with a little more depth. Thanks pears and plums, for meeting me halfway and being so sexy (HA)***

School started back up this Monday. Getting back into the swing of a more normal schedule excites me immensely. Ahh, the perils of being an adult. Some other exciting possibilities are opening up, so keep your fingers crossed.

It’s funny that after a whole day of school all I really want to do is come home and cook. On Sunday we had an approximation of tacos al pastor. However, instead of using pineapple, I used peaches and the result was very tasty and much more local, if you’re into that kind of thing. The only thing worth noting is that peaches aren’t as firm as pineapples, so they are more likely to “melt” the longer you cook them. Maybe next time I will use the peaches as more of a garnish.

Besides that, I saw this cute dog.

I’m also on the hunt for the perfect GF pastry crust. So far Gluten Free Girl and La Tartine Gourmande are giving me some good ideas! I think I’ll ask the pastry instructor at my school as well.

I’d like to post recipes, and will soon. Right now I’m basically just eating as much fruit as possible for every meal, or making variations on my favorite summer theme of gazpacho and BLTs.

**read an article in the NYT where the groom said he lusts for the bride in a very primal way. WHA?! TMI TMI! Keep it to the produce, folks.


20 goals

20 weeks til 2010 ends, time for some goals.

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end of summer

Again with the absence… I’ve been keeping busy…

Making a Greek dinner with my friend Ena for almost 20 people
Her main man Ted made a giant table out of reclaimed wood. Highlights from the menu included saganaki, lamb meatballs, and Greek frozen yogurt.

Hanging out with my mom (and dad)
We went to the Purple Pig and saw The Kids Are Alright. Purple Pig= good. The Kids Are Alright= good, but you can wait for the DVD or instant Netflix.

My pal Leigh’s bachelorette party at this crazy cabin in Brown County Indiana.
My Chicago pals appreciated the abbreviated tour of Indianapolis when we stopped for lunch at Taste, which an old pal introduced me to a few years ago.

Gerard and I made Ni├žoise salads on Monday. They were good!
We also made pulled pork sandwiches on Tuesday, but we ate them too fast to take pictures.

School starts again on Monday, along with a more regular schedule. Summer, it’s sad to say goodbye. I don’t wanna go, but I gotta go.

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