testing, testing

i am only posting this so that i have access to this article forever, you know how nytimes articles expire. this way it won’t.


easy to sip, now easy to grip

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What?! Just in case you need to walk down the street holding your travel-ready container of Canadian Mist? This is by far one of the weirdest billboards I have ever seen. Whiskey as Gatorade. For when you’re exercising or on the go and need something to quench your thirst, the pause that REALLY refreshes. Or allows you to fall on the street. This billboard can be seen on the corner or Milwaukee and Kedzie, on the south west corner above the Logan Square Blue Line Stop.

sipping on some r.c.

so i’ve been ordering pizza from john’s on western lately, and they always send a bottle of r.c. with the pizza. my fridge is just popping with r.c. so this afternoon, i decided to sip on one, and it is really good! not as good as a fountain coke from the historic hooks at the indiana state fair grounds, but pretty damn close. and r.c. is apparently a more ethical company! delicious and not evil!