89 degrees

the band’s name was 98 degrees, right?

anyway, global warming is taking an obvious toll. it is hot and windy, like the sahara in chicago currently. riding my bike around, i’m constantly slanting. it’s too hot to really do anything productive, and its only may. talking about the weather is boring. but i hope it gets to the mid 70s soon.

well, you can listen to r kelly and leave your house at 7 pm in this kind of weather. seriously i looked like a cartoon riding own milwaukee today, i was leaning so far over. i want to only eat cucumbers and sun tea.


summer playlist thus far

1. “lip gloss” by lil mama
2. “ima flirt” by r. kelly featuring t.i. and tpain
3. “whose that lady” by the isley brothers
4. “watch the tapes” by lcd sound system
5. “one two three four” by feist
6. “cish cash” by basement jaxx
7. “jolene” by dolly parton
8. “keep the car running” by arcade fire

obviously this list will grow as the weather gets warmer and my brain melts and only appreciates heavy bass with loud thumping.

my block

pros and cons.

you want the bad news first right? (doesn’t it always seem that bad news is always way heavier/ more important than the good news? like when your mom asked you this question, and you said bad news first, and then she told you that your dog died, but she got you some new socks) not true in this blog entry, my friend.

so, cons.
1. on sunday morning i woke up after a night of bachleorette party-ing and loft/ back porch jumping, later than usual. haven’t slept past 9 in a good long while. i went downstairs to go to cozy corner for some morning-ish meal and saw a real live crime scene in front of the citibank, replete with blood filled syringes and police tape, as well as a bent electrical pole and lots of glass. and the seat from a car, not a child’s car seat, a real live seat of a car.
2. tonight, after arriving home and sitting in my living room, listening to the conversation of two police officers over too close two-way radios, talking about back up and support and shitty funding.
3. my newly loud neighbors. they are always fighting on the sidewalk. loudly, accusing each other of terrible things. and then later in the night they do the same thing on the back porch. i want to tell her it’s ok if she leaves. there are no kids as far as i can tell, and they seem to despise each other.

1. some of my favorite friends now live an 8 minute bike ride away, after 3 years of 45 minute/hour train rides or $20 cab bills. huzzah!
2. cozy corner
3. my old man neighbor who doesn’t speak english and calls me chica bonita and offers me cold cans of bud light no matter what time it is.

this has to stop!

R. Kelly told Hip Hop Soul Magazine:

“My greatest competition is, well, me . . . I’m the Ali of today. I’m the Marvin Gaye of today. I’m the Bob Marley of today. I’m the Martin Luther King, or all the other greats that have come before us. And a lot of people are starting to realize that now.”

i have a problem

i just love r. kelly’s single “i’m a flirt” featuring ti and t pain. the lyrics are horribly sexist. but that backbeat is sweet and its on repeat. cause that’s how we do it in the chi?

gotta get some master p. i’ve got to stop supporting music that suggests cuffing one’s woman.


Sorry computer, I’ve been ignoring you. I’ve been using my favorite toy that got fixed, my bike Blue. He got fixed, and we’ve been riding all over the freaking town together.

I’ve decided to become a more hardcore biker. Like maybe even when it’s cold. I guess we’ll have to wait until November to see how that pans out.

Also so much has been going on this week with school wrapping up, the weather being nice, and evening plans cooperating nicely.

Last night saw my new favorite band, Crooks and Children play. They’re my friends but they are great. Listen to their music through the link at the sidebar to your right.

Tomorrow night is my bff’s art show, see her work through the link at the sidebar to your right too.

Dreaming of hot dogs and cheddar cheese.

Oh also, Sarah and I are going to to the Horseshoe Casino with a $50 dollar spending limit. Next weekend. You are welcome to join if you are in the area/interested.