100 things #2

So, last year, in 2011, I decided to do 100 things. I didn’t do all of them, but I did do some of them, and it felt good at the end of the year to go back and cross off the things I achieved. The biggest one for me was paying off all of the credit card debt I accrued in my early 20s. This year was a little tight financially because I decided to pay off my debts, but I know the end result is worth it.

At the end of this year, I achieved 28 of my 100 goals. That isn’t very impressive, but some of the things ended up being unimportant to me. Let’s fact it, I’m not the kind of lady who is going to start making my own pillowcases and knit scarves… However, I could be the kind of lady who excercises 3x a week. Also, as a nearly 30 year old, I really need to get over the skinny jeans.

Last year, I started my list in March. Hopefully starting it earlier will help me to achieve some of these goals with more ease. Also, I promise to write more. Writing is something that makes me feel good and I need to do it. Oh yeah, I’m also marrying the love of my life, HOLLER! Additionally, 2012 is the year in which I will turn 30. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

1. Update blog weekly.
2. Exercise 3x a week.
3. Send mail 2x a month.
4. Organize drawers in credenza. But now they are sad and empty.
5. Start a wine cellar.
6. Make hard cider.
7. Make ketchup.
8. Listen to new music. Not necessarily NEW, but new to me. thanks spotify!
9. Go to more concerts.
10. Save at certain amount of $ a month.
11. Buy a cheap lovely oriental rug.
12. Buy a rug for dining room.
13. Paint & organize office.
14. Paint & organize bathroom.
15. Buy roman shades for bedroom & guest room.
16. Buy some nice blouses.
17. Buy some nice pants.
18. Get some black boots.
19. Eat more vegetables. One meal a day is always now mostly vegetables
20. Make homemade breakfast bar worth eating.
21. Find a camera I like and use it.  Does an iphone count?
22. Go to LA.
23. Go to NYC.
24. Go to Thailand/ other amazing place for honeymoon.  HELLO PARIS.  We leave on Valentine’s day.  Quite a departure from Thailand/Brazil, but will be fun, especially since GB kind of hates the beach.
25. Get GB dope wedding gift.   Check it.
26. Play tennis.
27. Talk with my brother more often.
28. Buy new running shoes.
29. Run a 5k.  Done and Done!  Ran the Bastille Day 5k in Chicago.  Want to run more!
30. Refinish dining chairs.
31. Speakers in the kitchen.
32. Stop being scared of driving.
33. Flattering sunglasses.
34.Community service.
35. Go to top of Sears (Willis) Tower.
36. Go to Red Lobster.
37. Make bitters again.
38. Visit Farnsworth House.  We went on my 30th birthday, it was amazing.
39. Go to the Milwaukee Art Museum.
40. Go to the Shedd Aquarium, it’s been awhile.
41. Read at least 1 good book a month.
42. Make donuts.
43. Go camping.
44. Go canoeing.
45. Start a retirement account.
46. Subscribe to Sunday NY Times. ( So much easier compared to trying to find it before it sells out) I usually work Sundays, so if I have the time, it’s nice to pick up. If I don’t have the time, it’s too much work to read.
47. Have a facial. I went to the Aveda Insitute in Chicago and had a reasonably priced facial by a esthetician in training. It was relaxing and filled with lavender aromatherapy.
48. Go to King Spa. How about A spa?  Appts booked for my 30th bday.
49. Keep up with the Chicago Bulls. Basketball is the only sport I really understand, thanks Indiana childhood.
50. Drink enough water. How much is enough?
51. Write a short story.
52. Replace phone. Hello, Siri. Please try pronouncing my last name correctly.
53. Visit Don in Mission, Texas.
54. Take a dance class.
54. Go see a play. Saw this play with my friend Lucy at Strawdog Theatre.
55. Go see a movie at the Music Box.
Saw A Separation with Whitney on 2/1/12
56. Get a dog (this is a long shot, but just want to make it plausible by writing it down)
57. Make a quilt.
58. Host a pickling class.
59. Remember my loved ones’ birthdays in thoughtful ways. Dad is turning 60 this year. We surprised him in Las Vegas. It was amazing.
60. Figure out cute hairstyle for wedding. I’m wearing a flower crown!
61. Make lovely bridesmaid’s gifts.  Bought these lovely bracelets.
62. Pickled corn… sounds good, I’d like to try making it this summer.
63. Vote.  GO OBAMA!  So relieved.
64. Mad Men, season 5. Season pass purchased. Itunes, I love you. Downton Abbey, season 2.
65. Try to buy my new things at independent retailers as much as plausible and fiscally responsible. Chicago is chock full of indie businesses and I need to support these businesses more. This can make life a bit more pricey, but I find it’s worth it for a good product. Obviously, I’ll go to Costco to get toilet paper, but we’ve ended up dividing our groceries between Cermak Produce & Olivia’s quite nicely.
66. My career, seriously…. 4/27/12 update- I start a new position on Monday the 30!
67. Find more things to celebrate. (positivity is a habit)
68. Give up meat for one month.
69. Give up booze for one month. LENT is February 22- April 8. Here we go!
70. Give up TV for one month. (probably not all the same month, geeze)
71. Tour a distillery.
72. Wear a bikini again. Vain, I know, but it’s allowed.
73. Learn how to tune up & put new tires on my bicycle.
74. Girls weekend with my mom.
75. Go to the dentist.
76. New business cards.
77. See a drag show.
78. High Tea at The Drake.
79. Plant a vegetable garden this summer. I’m leaving this to the experts, besides a few peppers and herbs.
80. Hot Air balloon ride.
81. Take GB horseback riding.
82. Play a game at a casino. See aforementioned trip to Las Vegas.
83. Have a real Christmas tree.   Not happening with Gerard.
84. Plant more houseplants, specifically a palm.
85. Shuck oysters. Completed 1/1/12. We had oysters at our NYE party at Whitney & Thomas’ they were delicious!
86. Visit Grandma & Grandpa in Florida.
87. Go ice skating.
87. Plan weekly menu, stick to it. This is easier with staples in the kitchen. Wednesdays = homemade gluten free pizza.
88. Only go out to eat when planned at worthwhile places.
89. Fold laundry when it is finished. We are getting so much better!
90. Set up weekly cleaning schedule and stick to it. Still working on the sticking to it part.
91. Frame the scarf Whitney gave me for my 28th bday.
92. Limit time on the internet. This has been helped by my fascination with a SONG OF ICE AND FIRE. I’m reading it! The whole series.
93. See Beetlejuice.
94. Master a few new songs on the piano.
95. Visit Montana.
96. Find a good wedding photographer. Looking Good! We decided on The Nichols.
97. Make gluten free pasta from scratch.
98. Keep nails nice. This was code for stop biting them. I haven’t bit them since the beginning of the year!
99. Fried chicken dinner.
100. Keep at this list. Some are things I already do, some are things I want to do. Try to do more than 28 in 2012.


2 thoughts on “100 things #2

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  2. Nik has made hard cider and ketchup, and I’ve been to SE Asia (Thailand being one of the countries) if you feel like picking our brains 🙂

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