summer’s licking me!

to have a good day, i would suggest the following.

1. wake up early, go on a run faster than you usually do because you can’t see your breath and you have to unzip your very comely fleece that you’ve owned since high school.
2. get on the train, after waiting for it for only 39 seconds (never happens anymore now that the cta is doing “track work”)
3. finish the redeye crossword (admittedly not the HARDEST thing ever, but has anyone else noticed that they are getting tougher? maybe i’m just getting dumber) by the lasalle stop.
4. turn in your homework, knowing you did a good job on it.
5. walk around the loop because you’ve got time to kill and look at all the fancy people cutting loose, listen to the street corner preacher, and after a healthy dose of damnation, walk down lasalle in the shadow of the board of trade (which is totally cool looking)
6. meet with your favorite lawyer to go over your part time job responsibilities, which will bring some financial stability again.
7. think about hugging one of the pillars, just because they are so big and it would be fun to see if you could get your arms around it, even though you know you can’t.
8. meet with abra and sit on the back porch in the afternoon sun.
9. walk home, with no socks, just shoes on.
10. run into shannon and say hello and hug on the street.
11. smell the scent of things thawing, including yourself
12. talk with your parents who sound really happy.
13. clean you room, burn some palo santo cause it smells good.
14. make some dinner.
15. eat it w/ your bff and go outside and fantasize about summer
16. listen to some npr, memorize the pledge drive number.
17. finish your reading, get a good night’s sleep. (TBA)

number 17 is about to happen, but this was one of the best days in recent memory. i can’t wait to get my bike fixed up.



i walked down the street in my old hood the other day, only to find my old grocery store gone, and a new one being built in its grave.

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it was not a fancy grocery store, but it was floors above your basic corner market. you could sometimes find kalamata olives or feta cheese there if you were lucky. it smelled like a grocery store. they had cheap beer, when i still enjoyed drinking cheap beer.

i was struck by the contrast when annie and i went to dominick’s last night, and it didn’t smell like anything. because everything is wrapped up in plastic and neatly packaged. it’s a funny thing. would you rather have your grocer smell like food? or like nothing? i’d prefer food, but not rotting food. just a real smell, not some wrapped up stuff.

it was a small grocery store, but it had everything you needed, and the good smelling market towards latino purple lavendar smelling windex, which is way cheaper and more effective and better smelling than that method bullshit. i know method is good. i like the products, i’m just bitter. and i kind of despise dominicks. why not at least a jewel? i feel like dominick’s has whole foods prices without the good cheese.

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so i guess that’s what people who live in my old apartment have to look foward to. good thing i live so close to a grocery store now.