100 things

Let’s dust off and try this again. Some things I’d like to get done in 2011.

1. Update blog weekly, at least
2.25.11- achieved!
3.4.11- achieved!
3.14.11- achieved!
3.21.11- achieved, even if it’s rambling a bit
3.30.11- achieved, and I posted a recipe.
4.26.11- April was busy, May will be better. Still, 3 posts ain’t awful.
5.7.11- Kind of.
2. Exercise at least 2x a week.
3. Send fun mail 2x a month.
4. See my family in Chicago more frequently.
5. Organize drawers in credenza.
5.7.11- It’s around the corner I swear.
6. Find a new apartment with a yard and laundry on site and a separate guest room/office.

7. Start a wine cellar.
This should help.
8. Set up I-Pad (got one for Christmas).
9. Learn how to make a wedding cake.
10. Enroll in science classes over the summer.
11. Learn how to tune-up and put new tires on my own bicycle.
12. Buy/make new bedding.
13. Get a dresser (fancy, I know)
14. Find a cheap/lovely oriental rug.

15. Make hard cider.
16. Make ketchup.

17. Make gf bread & pizza w/o xanthan gum
18. Make pepperoni.
19. Grow tomatoes
(more than the 3 that each of my tomato plants have yielded for the past two summers).
20. Upload some music besides Big Boi onto my I-pod.
21. Make sushi frequently.
22. Save more $.
23. Budget my $ more effectively
(i.e. less impulse coffee)
24. Buy some nice blouses.
25. Get a brown belt.
26. Learn how to make really good coffee drinks.

27. Eat more vegetables.
28. Perfect the homemade breakfast bar.
29. Take more pictures.
30. Make some photo albums with the pictures I will be taking.
31. Become comfortable with French pronunciation for words I use all the time. (
like, I don’t even have to remember how to do it)
32. Frame the art stashed around the apartment. Actually hang it at the new place.
33. Go to LA for another visit.
34. Go to NYC for another visit.
35. Drink enough water.
36. Practice some community service.
37. Again with the no smoking, seriously.
38. Make a quilt.
39. Visit New Orleans.
40. Learn how to cook chicken really well, and enjoy it
. (Chicken is my least favorite protein)
41. Ride my bicycle to work ALL THE TIME when it gets warmer.
42. Frame the beautiful scarf that I got for my 28th bday from my friend Whitney.

43. Go to Myopic and sell books I no longer read.
Dropped them off at Salvation Army instead, sometimes simplicity is necessary.
44. Visit The Point in Hyde Park with Gerard for a picnic.
45. Continue to pay off debts.

46. Talk with my brother more often.
47. Start book club.
48. Read more classic literature
. 6 books for 2011- (The Sun Also Rises, Catch-22, Jane Eyre, The Sound and The Fury, A Tale of Two Cities, Wuthering Heights)
Started “The Sun Also Rises”
49. Play tennis.
50. Write a short story.
51. Knit a scarf.
52. Make new pillowcase covers for large pillows.
53. Replant viney plant that I have had for 6 years. AKA the plant that refuses to die.
54. Make donuts.
55. Go to some concerts.

56. Play the piano again.
57. Thrift some clothes/housewares.
4.26.11- Thrifted fabric in CR
58. Go camping.
59. Go canoeing.
60. Go apple picking
(this is now an annual tradition, I just want to keep it up)
61. Run a 5k.
62. Match socks, get rid of ones that don’t have a match.
63. Ironing board.

64. Go/Call Salvation Army to drop off/pick up old clothes, etc.
First thing we did upon our return from vacation. SPRING CLEANING!
65. Have housewarming party on 4th of July weekend.
Changing it to the 9th. Less stress, more fun.
Yeah, now it’s the 25th.
66. Go to a soul night.
67. Thin silver hoops
68. Refinish wooden mirror.
69. Refinish & reupholster dining chairs.
70. Finish refinishing media shelf.
71. At new apartment, have speakers in rooms besides where the stereo lives.
72. Stop being scared of driving.
73. Go to better movies at the Music Box & Facets
74. Write some really good papers.

75. Get some slacks/trousers
76. Move away from the skinny jeans.
3.30.11- But am I ready for these?
77. Sunglasses.
78. Spend as much time by the lake as possible.
79. Find a cute black dress to wear in Nat’s wedding.

80. Find a cute dress to wear to other weddings.

81. Get rid of plastic food storage containers.
82. Make 2 kinds of Jam with fresh fruit this summer.
83. Have curtains in every room at new apartment.
84. Learn how to make pillowcases
4.26.11- Bought fabric at a thrift store in CR. The selection was amazing.
85. Build a landing strip.
86. Organize clothes and shoes.
87. Have heels replaced on boots.

88. Help Gerard have a great 30th birthday (OCTOBER 12, 2011)

89. Make gluten free lasagna noodles.
90. Make some wallpaper.
91. Send out Christmas/holiday cards.
92. Go to the top of the Willis (nee Sears) tower.
93. Go Red Lobster. I have never been.
94. Wear sunscreen.
95. Take better care of myself.

96. Make bitters again.
97. Only buy things I will use
— ie, save up for something nice, not just something convenient.
98. More social, less drinking… Too often, I find socializing revolves around drinking, and it’s getting a little old. Especially since I wake up at 5:30 almost every day.
99. Organize records.
100. Follow through.


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