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Pardon me while my focus momentarily shifts from making food to making an apartment. I realized this weekend that Logan Square actually has a lot more reasonably priced places to go out to eat that are delicious (Lula? El Cid? Cozy Corner? Hot Spot?) that the Ukrainian Village (I don’t think I’ll start eating at Marai Sushi as soon as I move over there). However, there is an actual grocery store in the neighborhood, and seeing as I’ll be comfortable cooking in my own kitchen after a long time of feeling out of place, the culinary possibilities are endless. Just bear with me through June… ok?

I popped my Ikea cherry this weekend. That sounds really gross. And it kind of was, however I got some cool stuff for the apartment, and got to bond with my mom.

Yesterday, after work, I stopped by Grand Street Gardens and picked up some cleaning supplies for the new place. I was impressed, as usual, with their wide selection. I think Danielle and I are going to get some tomato and squash plants for our front window, which gets a ton of light. We met up after work to take measurements and finalize color selection. Not suprisingly, we decided to go in a pretty different direction that we had originally planned. I was able to get to the apartment a few minutes before D, so I was able to snap some “before” pictures.

Here is the front room:

Right now it is a color I like to call “pee yellow”. While we’re painting our kitchen yellow, it’s not a very green yellow. I’m not a fan of greenish yellows for some reason. We’re probably going to paint it a color called Egg White, which doesn’t sound that charming but will match a lot of things and looks clean but warm. We decided against the purple accent wall as neither of us are related to Prince.

Here is the den/ work room

Here it is again

Right now, I’ll be insensitive and admit that this is a color I refer to as “mental institution green” if you’re being nice, you can call it mint. My current bedroom is painted this color and I absolutely. hate. it. So! We’re painting the den a color called “Stirring Orange.” Now seriously, I want this color naming job. Since this will be the area where we will put our thinking caps on when we both go back to school in the fall, orange is a great color to paint it.

More front windows

Built in hutch:

Giant Coat Closet

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Tile

Bathroom Sink
(I’ve never had a pedestal sink, I am kind of excited though a bit apprehensive about storage)

Now it is grey.

I actually like grey a lot, but think a color will be nice in the bathroom. Especially since it has a nice soaking tub. Originally, we had plans to paint the bathroom orange. Since we both forgot that the tiles are blue, we will no longer be painting the bathroom orange. Rather, a blue, precisely, Liquid Blue, to match the tiles. Apparently, Danielle’s time at OPRF has forever tainted the lovely color combo of orange and blue. It’s cool though, I can’t say I’d want my bathroom to be BJPS’ maroon and gold.

Nothing spells a welcoming environment like a navy blue kitchen? Right?

This is by far the ugliest color for a kitchen.


We’ll paint it “Optimistic Yellow” because yellow kitchens are nice. I’m excited to put a pegboard in, and am trying to see not having cabinets as an asset that will allow the space to feel more open.

I love the sink

Love, love, love

My room is small, and blue
I think I’ll make it red, brown, and white.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for prep pics.



I know I’m lucky to have a month to prepare for my move, which will be final July 1, but MAN! The humidity is making me wish I had decided to move in April, when it wasn’t raining.


Several things will be happening in the next few weeks, not necessarily in this order:
1. Spanikopita Making w/ Gerard
2. Thursday Culinary Adventure with Sarah
3. Coffee Planning with Molly
4. Printer’s Row Book Fair (cookbooks!)
5. Moving
6. Painting
7. Week Night Dinner Party
8. Cleaning
9. Laundry.
10. Going to Indianapolis.

Pictures will come, particularly when I find my camera charger!